The Brand

Founded in the third world by a simple small-time entrepreneur, we are not new to the cold urban jungle of Manila. It’s a mad world out here and we choose to Stay Gold in thriving times and spaces.
Cold Gold curates urban jewelry for walking the streets. We carry jewelry inspired by themes we all love -- hiphop, basketball, streetwear, and religion. We are inspired by what inspires YOU.
As purveyors of urban jewelry, we take pride in our collection that is limited only to the highest quality, relevant, stylish pieces. Every piece sold in our site is meticulously curated to ensure it meets our strict standards.
We are not about stunting and showing off, we are about the Golden Filipino spirit that shines through raging floods and smoke-belched streets.

The Product

We are purveyors of high-quality urban jewelry and accessories. We specialize in sourcing products that give you a high end look at an affordable price. Every piece sold in our site was meticulously curated to ensure it meets our strict standards of style and quality. We take pride in our collection and keep the catalogue limited to only the most stylish pieces. Our jewelry is sourced from master jewelers with years of experience. Our products go through a process similar to genuine gold. A heavy-duty, rust-free, stainless metal is used as base metal, which is then given a thick coat of gold or rhodium. What you get is a finished product that looks identical to something that would cost you a limb and a kidney.